10 application of aloe vera that will surprise you

There are many ways to use aloe vera from which your body and mind can only benefit. The ancient Egyptians called this plant a “plant of immortality”. Aloe Vera has a unique composition and healing properties that are more and more surprising to scientists. The magic formula is a juicy and transparent gel that is found in its large green leaves. This plant contains over 200 useful active substances such as anthraquinone, amino acids, enzymes, lignins, sterols, saponins, vitamins, and minerals.

Aloe vera is a real nectar not just your skin but your whole body too. It acts soothing, cleanses the skin from impurities, disinfects and accelerates healing. If it is applied regularly, this plant contributes to the youthful appearance, relieves aging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles. It is also an excellent skin care after shave treatment. Aloe vera accelerates hair growth and gives her a silky shine. Inhalation of steamed leaves of aloe vera, boiled in water, has been shown to relieve asthma. Juices of aloe vera reduce the level of blood sugar that is very useful for diabetics. Oral administration of aloe vera promotes detoxification of the digestive tract and blood. Aloe vera hydrate and soften the skin. Using aloe vera paste toothpaste maintains healthy teeth and strengthens gums.

Practical application of aloe vera in everyday life

The latest scientific way people are using this plant is in the powder. In this way, all the essential ingredients become very quickly absorbed, as they flow through the bloodstream to every part of your body. The use is very simple and very safe, and the positive effect on the immune system is in this way much bigger and stronger. If you are interested, here is where to buy aloe vera powder, since most doctors are prescribing it. In internal administration, aloe vera alleviates digestive disorders, heartburn, ulcers, urinary infections, colitis, prostate, rheumatic and arthritis problems.

  1. Minimizes tissue damage caused by frostbite
  2. Suppresses the herpes virus
  3. Reduces acne problems and the appearance of annoying pimples
  4. Relieves the symptoms of psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema
  5. Cleans the body from inside and outside
  6. Reduces pigmentation and dark spots on the skin
  7. Skin rejuvenation
  8. Faster growth and better hair look
  9. Helps against asthma
  10. Reduces blood sugar levels


This plant was known 5 thousand years ago in India. Aloe Vera was used by many celebrities – Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, King Solomon, Celsius, Dioscorides. Columbus liked to say, “There are four plants that are essential to a man: they are wheat, grapes, olives, and aloes. The first feeds, the other provides joy to the heart, the third ensures harmony, and the fourth makes a man healthy.” Before long journeys, soldiers were drinking aloe vera juices to protect against infections that could easily be obtained through local food and water. According to the legend, aloe vera has made the army of Alexander the Great indestructible.

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