About The Integrated Medical, Public Health, Preparedness And Response Training Summit

The IMPHPRTS is a summit where every member of various healthcare related jobs are welcome. The point of the summit is easy, to educate, prepare and train a well-organized and responsive group that is fast to react to any and all kinds of disasters or tragic situations. The forum is organized and sponsored by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and with it brings many prominent and educated figures to the summit to convey their teachings and methods to the attendees.

The leaders of these organizations are highly skilled members that promote coordination, collaboration, integration of new technology and interaction with the attendees as well as the patients. Integration of the given knowledge abilities and skills of the people who are participating will only enrich and improve their services and the ability to provide health and medical care during disasters or any other training conditions of any origin.

There are several key focus areas where the many topics of the health-related world and industry will be discussed:


How leadership can influence and help in certain situations

-Healthcare systems

The education and advancement of the healthcare systems and how to use them

– Public health

How to educate and respond to the public health issues of today

-Resource management

How to do more with less as certain situations will not have all the necessities required for it.

– Response integration

Education on the integration of many factors that delve into the ways medical health staff can respond to patients and disasters

– Field operational medicine

Education and the use of field operational medicine

The benefit

The connection and network established with these experts and other academic members of the various health organizations will provide invaluable insight into the methods, information, and application of many services in the health-related issues. Many of the nation’s leaders in the health public agencies will also attend making this event a standalone impact on many aspects of the health-related topics and stances.

The vision

The sole purpose of the Integrated Medical, Public Health, Preparedness and Response Training Summit is to have a vide educated and a well-trained pool of public and private health medical responders who understand how to perform their roles in all kinds of situations of need. Additionally, the secondary vision is the additional education that is provided and passed down to the partners and other members of health-related communities, organizations, and agencies.

End goals for the summit will be to:

– Form and strengthen the connection between the public and the medical staff and organizations

– Focus on education of hazardous situations and how to approach them

– Enable and innovate new learning opportunities.

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