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    What causes nerve pain?

    By Odessa Reynolds / 2018-07-23

    The list of possible causes for nerve pain is extensive. Some of the things from the list cause the nerve pain in a direct matter, while others do it indirectly. If you want a detailed Nerve Pain Guide, then you should refer to medical books. They contain detailed explanations of all conditions that can cause nerve damage and that make them the best source of info.


      Type Of Medical And Health Services Every Institution Should Have

      By Odessa Reynolds / 2017-11-07

      Each institution that has people in it, whether it is a hotel or an office, should have a customized and optimized health and medical care program that includes certain services which are simply necessary. Various unpredictable situations can easily occur and there should be a trained person or a team that needs to be able […]


        Health And Medical Services In Hotels

        By Odessa Reynolds / 2017-11-07

        Looking after customers’ health is a very important thing that should exist in every single hotel all over the world. In case of unpredictable situations or unfortunate events and natural disasters, a hotel where you stay should be able to provide you the necessary help. Medical and health services should be customized to meet the […]


          Poster Sessions

          By Odessa Reynolds / 2017-11-07

          Poster presentations are an excellent and efficient way to share great information and promising practices with interested participants. The 2012 Integrated Medical, Public Health, Preparedness and Response Training Summit will feature a poster session held in conjunction with the five day event. Poster submissions for the 2012 Training Summit are no longer being accepted. We […]


            The Top 4 Medical Advances Of The Decade

            By Odessa Reynolds / 2017-11-07

            The 21 century has given us many discoveries in all aspects of life. We have a new goal in space as we want to reach the planet Mars, we have invented electronic cars and mainstreamed them, and when it comes to the medical industry we have made significant advances to a better overall healthy life. […]