Could home medical service improve health care for elder people

Traditionally, our magazine explores and writes about the newest medical achievement, events and changes occurring within the health care system, medical advancements and various educational reviews. This time, we’ve visited few medical summits and presentations where experts discussed the latest trend in health care system – medical teams providing services at patients’ homes. Particularly, the focused was at the Integrum aged care concept provided by some home medical services, including Silver chair as the pioneer in this field. The basic idea and ways of functioning of these services were analyzed and discussed in order to come up with a comprehensive and advanced approach to the medical treatment of elder citizens.

The whole concept is constructed around the idea to provide higher quality, more efficient and above all more convenient medical service and nursing to older patients with several chronic diseases. These patients require constant or at least frequent medical interventions, nursing services and monitoring and the way health care system is currently organized that usually imposes transferring from hospital to hospital, which is rather exhausting and challenging to these people. Organizing teams of medical experts to provide medical services at patient’s home would bring health care system to patients, instead of the opposite. This particularly refers to hardly mobile patients, for example, patients who suffered strokes or have some form of muscle or orthopedic disease. Also, the goal of this approach is to facilitate disease management to these patients and enable them to restore the quality of their routine lives and activities.

What would aged care include?

At one hand, this concept includes teams of health care providers and experts specially trained to manage various health conditions frequent among elder patients. This means that team would be focused around geriatrists and other medical experts if required. Other stuff would include trained nurses, technicians, physiotherapeutic and other required experts. Since common diseases affecting older people include strokes, heart diseases, hypertension, dementia, arthritis and degenerative bone conditions, diabetes, sleeping troubles, psychological issues and many more, aged care would be focused onto these conditions. Most of these diseases are chronic, hence doctors would provide unrushed full examinations, monitoring and prescribe adequate therapies with personal visitation to patients every once in a while. Nurses, technicians and other stuff would apply therapy, conduct rehab, regular management of various symptoms and everyday health issues. This innovative program would, also, include helping patients to socialize, to take part in various activities their physical condition allows them to and improve the quality of their lives in spite of diseases and age.


Criteria for joining

An optimal age limit would be 60 and more years, but the program is also open to slightly younger patients struggling with specific severe conditions that seriously ruin the quality of their lives. The program is ideal for patients with two or more chronic diseases, living on their own, requiring regular medical servicing and having troubles maintaining routine duties. If the idea spreads among health care systems, the best would be to engage the government to finance it.

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