10 Top Health Questions And Answers

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Is gluten-free life healthier?

Unless you have Celiac disease, a situation when gluten damages your small intestine, the answer is no, it’s not. Some people can experience rashes and stomachaches because of gluten but, there’s no evidence it is so.

Should I drink a glass of wine each day?

A glass of wine is recommended. However, not for everyone. It’s true that a glass of wine can stave off various disease and lower the odds of diabetes. If you limit yourself to one drink, you should be fine but, if you don’t drink at all, do not start.

Are short workouts any good?


Any workout is good. The more you do it, the healthier you are. Never overdo it because you’ll reverse the effect and end up injured. Longer is better but, if you do not have the time to really dedicate yourself to it, quick bouts will do you good too.

How safe is tap water?

Most of the time, it is safe and drinkable. Unless your water comes from a private well or a small community one, the water from the tap should be perfectly fine and bacteria and free from any harmful chemicals.

High fructose corn syrup or sugar?

fructose corn syrupThe best thing to do is to go easy on both. Any added sugar is not good for you if it is taken without any limitations. Too much added sugar can lead to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and weight gain.

Cholesterol in food?

Poor diet, inactivity, and obesity can be more harmful than any cholesterol found in food. Avoid eating too much of processed food and you will be fine.

Do new vaccines cause Autism?

There is absolutely no evidence that they do.

Is it safe to eat microwaved food?

If your microwave works properly, it is safe to eat microwaved food.

Can I really get brain cancer from cell phones?

No, you cannot.

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