Non-Surgical Fat Reduction procedures – Quick body shaping for summer days

Our magazine is focused on various medical, health and wellness topics, striving to provide you with valid and useful information in every article. Since the summer is near and everyone’s preparing for a season of swimsuits and beaches, most media will overwhelm you with a myriad of advice for proper exercising and diets to shape your body for hot days. We’ve decided to explore and present you something slightly different. For all of you who exercise regularly and eat healthily, but still struggle with few excessive pounds, cellulite, wrinkled skin or fat pockets located at particular areas, here is an alternative approach to your problem. When common methods fail to trim your body into perfect shape, consider undergoing Non-Surgical Fat Reduction. There are several types of non-surgical fat procedure, each of them brings plenty specific benefits and will shape your tummy, buttocks, arms, legs, even neck elegantly.


Coolsculpting is probably the most popular non-surgical fat reduction procedure available at many cosmetic centers, even plastic surgery centers. A simplified explanation of this procedure’s mechanism includes cooling and freezing methods that crystallize particles of fat in fat tissue and leave it to body’s immune cells to eliminate killed cells over time. Depending on the total amount of deposited excessive fat tissue in your body, the final effect may be achieved after a single or several treatments. None of them will include invasive techniques, incisions, needles or anesthesia. Common temporary side effects refer to reddish skin over the treated area, swelling, mild numbness or itching or rarely bruising. All of these subside after few days. The procedure is the most effective in the areas of lower abdomen, tights, and chin and it requires steady general health condition of a candidate.

SculpSure procedure

Opposite to previous procedure, SculpSure treatment utilizes the thermic effect of laser light to melt particles of deposited fat in various areas of the body. It is also a non-surgical fat reduction treatment, commonly applied onto the abdomen, back, inner tights, neck, arms, and hips. It is designed to trim the contours of your body and eliminate those few stubborn extra pounds, but it’s not effective among patients who require significant weight reduction. The effect is usually obvious after several weeks and treatment require no particular recovery period. Side effects are mild and temporary, enabling candidates to engage in their routine daily activities right after the procedure is done.To eliminate even the slightest side effects made by the laser, look for skin-treatment products at

TruSculpt treatment

The trusculp procedure is quite similar to two previously described procedures, with one significant difference – it is applicable both to smaller and larger body areas. The technology is based on therapeutic temperatures and utilization of radiofrequency that dissolve particles of fat deposited in problematic areas. Treated areas are pretty much the same as with two previous procedures and the recovery period is minimal, reduced to few days. Impressive results are obvious within two months, and most candidates gain these result after two or three treatments. All of these procedures are safer and less discomforting compared to surgical fat reduction procedures, but the effect is equal and permanent.

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