Be prepared to get known with deep tissue massage

Essence of deep tissue massage

This therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but the pressure that is used is much deeper which is very helpful in releasing persisting muscle tension. Movements and techniques are pretty much the same, but the main difference is under much more intense pressure. The deepest layer of muscle tissue, fascia and ligaments are the basic points of this healing. The goal of this massage is to improve movement and posture.

What is deep tissue massage?

It is connective tissue that supports and bounds all of the bones, muscles, organs, and nerves. It is also known as fascia, a three-dimensional web.

Appliance and goals

Releasing and removing chronic muscle tension and well known “knots” or “adhesions” is a basic point and achievement of this therapy. We just have to be aware of the fact you can’t get rid of all this tension and “knots” in one session. It is built up for long-term so hard pressure with hard pushing therapist will not make remarkable disappearing of this problem. Combination of exercise, a program of massage and relaxation technique could make wonders for some time. Therapist with use of their fingers, fists, thumbs, elbows, and forearms will reach the deepest layers, release adhesions and knots.

These are usual form of injuries, poor posture and repetitive motions like in exercising and sports. deep tissue massage will create micro-fissures in tissue which will be filled with collagen and elastin in few days of recovery. This ends up with more flexible muscles, reduced pain, improved posture and fluidity of movement. Just remember, this therapy should not be done with any hurt or pain. Client’s tolerance must be respected; work must be done slowly as a result of just a little soreness and tenderness.

Rolfing treatment

As one of the well-known types of this therapy helps to consistently compose and treat your damaged connective tissue providing a feeling of much more free movement and improvement of well being. This practitioner are based on the entire body, not just one targeted tensed area. Increasing balance and support of your whole body with focusing each session on a different part gives results already after series of ten sessions. Decreasing effect will only be done in areas of stress, chronic tension, injuries and pain with improving the effect of overall body alignment and functioning.

Medical and health results

Based on many studies, after only ten days course of 30 minutes each deep tissue massage, results show significant improvements in back pain. Positive effect on problems with blood pressure is guaranteed. With lowering levels of the hormone cortisol and boosting levels of hormone oxytocin helps pretty much in reducing anxiety, stress and muscle tension. By stimulating blood flow helps in allowing more oxygen to muscles and reducing inflammations. Connected to that athletic recovery and performance are significantly improved. Pregnant woman is very aware of this therapy benefits to lower labor pain and make delivery much easier. Many arthritis symptoms and trouble sleeping are solved with this therapy.

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