The Top 4 Medical Advances Of The Decade

The 21 century has given us many discoveries in all aspects of life. We have a new goal in space as we want to reach the planet Mars, we have invented electronic cars and mainstreamed them, and when it comes to the medical industry we have made significant advances to a better overall healthy life. With the technology of today it’s not hard to imagine that we will soon have a cure for all illnesses that have plagued humanity in the past, but for now let’s list the 4 biggest advances that happened in the last decade, or specifically from 2005 till 2017.

Human Genome Discoveries

Even though the human genome project was started back in 1990’s it really did not pick up the pace until the draft was released in 2003 and updated in 2007. Venter, who earned the National Medal of Science gifted to him by former President Obama said that the human genome mapping that was completed with roughly 23000 genes was a stepping stone for medical advancements that will change how medical care is being distributed. He noted that the future will be more preventative focused than treatment focused.

Harnessable Information Technology


People might think this is not a big deal, but doctors and many valued academics say that the internet has brought an unprecedented age where patients come much more informed about their condition then it has ever been present in the past. The fact alone that people can educate themselves about medications and other methods of curing themselves is an advancement in the medical industry in itself.

Anti-Smoking laws

Not only are medical research papers counter as advancements but every won battle is one step closer to winning the war on health. And another battle was won when laws changed around smoking. Anti-smoking laws have been tightening the grip around the neck of the tobacco industry and today we can safely say that smoking has fallen to its lowest in the last decade.

Heart disease advancements

In the past, if a patient came to the hospital with a heart attack there was little chance that he would survive, or if they would the heart would have been severely damaged. Today is a different story with genetically engineered tissue plasminogen activator or tPA the hearts can regenerate their damaged cells, or a tiny flexible tube called a stent can be introduced to help the heart pump blood.

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