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In The Eye Of The Storm – A Proven System Of Safe Integrated Multi-Regional Patient Evacuation

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Emergency evacuation is something that is talked about and something that is present in every industry in the modern business world. This part has also been integrated into the medical world and so every health facility has to have an emergency evacuation and preparedness plan, or else how can they claim that they provide the best care to their patients?

Increased patient safety usually returns to the hospital as preventative measures create less cost in the long run.

Patient Evacuation
The problem is that may evacuation plans don’t get changed often and many small issues get overlooked which create a potential for disaster in certain situations. We all know there are tons of man-made and nature made situations where disaster can strike and it can be with unimaginable consequences. For such situations, a good emergency evacuation plan is needed and one that is up to date.

Let us list all the basic needs of developing an evacuation plan.

Establish a team.

Emergency TeamEstablishing an emergency team is a top priority and should be practiced by any organization, not just the medical one. However, we will be talking about the medical one’s today, and with that in mind, every member of this medical emergency team should be additionally trained and responsible for a specific set of things. This does not mean that everyone should not be trained in various roles, on the contrary, it only means that if certain people in the team are better than others in something they should be put in charge of the thing they are good at. A good team is the backbone of every successful emergency situation and its successful result.

Determine vulnerabilities

There are tons of vulnerabilities in every aspect of our lives. The risk assessment team should find them all and consider what is the best way to deal with them. Every non-case scenario should also be considered as tornados might spawn where they often don’t and flooding can also cause considerable damage to equipment if such a vulnerability is overlooked.

Assess the evacuation capabilities and needs

Every election is going to rely on people, equipment, and the planned tactic. The equipment needs to be checked for malfunction, the people need to be trained, and the plan needs to cover all possible angles of a disaster situation. These assessments are of the biggest importance in the finalization of the plan.

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