The World Health Organization Summit 2017

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As we all know the be mid-October period is the time for the famous world health summit that is hosted in Berlin. The WHS was hosted on the 14 of October and lasted for 2 days until the 16th. During this period the world health summit was visited by thousands of people and many leaders and scientists from all over the world. The summit was held without incidents.

Who attends the WHS?

World Health Organization

– Many representatives from the healthcare systems from all over the world

– Politicians and other high profile decision makers from many different countries

– Leaders and prominent names from the health industries and technology centers

– WHS Stakeholders

– Researchers and other members of the scientific community

– Representatives and members of foundations and civil society groups

– Students and other professionals from health-related fields

The biggest portion of the public belongs to the academia which takes about 45 % of all the attendees. The female and male representation is around 50-50%

Initiatives of the WHO

World Health OrganizationThe goal and idea behind the WHO is to consistently educate and instigate new generations so that one day they will be empowered to join and change the health-related sectors for the better.

When it comes to the initiatives of the world health organization there are many, but the most important ones were:

– Startup Track

Which is the concentration and acknowledgment of new startup businesses that focus on health-related issues and how they can be changed for the better?

– New Voices in Global Health

The NVGH is an initiative to promote and integrate new young minds and members into the world health summit.

– Next Generation of Science Journalists Award

The ceremony where science journalists are awarded for helping the scientific community convey their scientific research to the layman in the best way possible.

– Young Physician Leaders

The introduction of the young professionals who are being trained at the ESMT (European School of Management and Technology) in the special programs about leadership and health-related topics

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