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educational programDuring this educational program, we will be discussing three very important themes, patient healthcare, clinical efficiency and emergency management. All three are crucial. The participants will get the chance to experience various simulations and presentations, exercise patient movement, track them and learn all about how it is to have someone else’s life in their hands.

This means to go through each step from the casualty collection point to definitive care through the return to safe place. All of this revolves around allowing participants to work through advanced scenarios that are supposed to make them understand how troubleshooting common problems work in real time.

The program lasts for three days, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The first day is dedicated to Clinical Efficiency, the second day is reserved the Joint Patient Assessment Tracking System or JPTAS. The third day is left for the Emergency management.

Clinical efficiency is all about practice. The best practices derived from, exercises, training and deployments. This participation is a perfect opportunity to find out all about the ways how you can increase clinical efficiency, a step that might save lives when it matters the most.

Data capture technologies and new mobile platforms will allow JPTAS participants to complete the exercises that are required for the JPTAS Strike Team and this course is only for the experienced users. It does not involve basic application training.

Emergency management presentation will touch some subjects like disaster and emergency preparedness, recovery and response and leadership perspective.

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