The Willowstone Homecare service selection

Whether you have someone with special needs staying at your home, or you are getting older and require some assistance, or you are recovering from surgery, and you need someone to give you a hand, home care is an excellent way to deal with all these issues.

Personal care may include a couple of tasks, such as help with bathing, washing your hair, getting dressed, cleaning, cooking and delivering meals. You can acquire almost any type of support you want in your home. The Willowstone homecare has a couple of branches all over the UK, such as homecare services chesterfield.

The Willow Stone homecare is focused on their patients, and their team of professionals will offer you the best possible conditions. So, here are some services they can provide you with.

Palliative care

Palliative care considers having your family members staying at a place where they feel comfortable and surrounded by their loved ones. With the coordinated approach, you will get professional assistance. All healthcare providers are certified, experienced, and have advanced training in palliative care.

In this case, your family members will get the support and attention they deserve. The palliative care package includes the final stage of illness, especially the end stage of dementia, and any long-term health condition. Their practice follows the latest guidelines and standards, which ensures 100% golden standard of care.

Home care

At Willowstone you will experience the best home care service. Their team of experts understands the importance of staying at home. In most case, patients feel comfortable and relaxed when surrounded by their loved ones.

That’s why their staff will assist you with washing, bathing, dressing, toilet requirements, running errands, end of life support, medical care, preparing meals and many others. Now you can hire their services from other cities as well, such as Chesterfield and Sheffield.

Bespoke specialist care

Complex care, also known as long-term care is provided to patients, adults or children, who have a severe chronic illness or disability. The healthcare conditions that fall into this group are brain and spinal injuries, Pfeiffer syndrome, diabetes, motor neuron disease, MS, epilepsy, learning disability and many others.

Keep in mind that this list isn’t exhaustive and you should contact them for further inquiries. Recently, the Willowstone care has expanded their assistance to Dronfield and surrounding areas, and now clients have better chances of hiring their services.

Rehabilitation and recovery

Are you having a hear time recovering from surgery or an illness? Do you require assistance with the basic tasks? Highly trained professionals at Willowstone will help you overcome the challenging situation and reach your independence.

They pay attention to dignity and integrity and spend time with the patients, which provides them an opportunity to recover at safe and steady pace. They will work together with other professionals who are included in this process.

The home care establishment covers surgery, radiotherapy, chemo, brain, and spinal injury, but this list isn’t final and you should contact them for further details.

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