Universal rules that apply if you have insulin resistance

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Insulin is a hormone that is produced by the pancreas, and it assists in getting the glucose to your muscles, fat, and liver. While it is used for the energy of our body, it comes from the food we eat and it has a unique role in our body.  While the blood sugar’s level goes up after we eat, the pancreases must to release this hormone in our blood to keep blood glucose (sugar) in the normal level. Now, what is insulin resistance? It is a condition when your cells within fats or muscles cannot react to insulin and therefore they are not able to take glucose from your blood. Still, your level of blood sugar will stay in the normal range as long as your pancreas is able to produce enough insulin to cover the loss. For all those who have problems with insulin resistance, we recommend you reading this text to know what rules you must apply.

A lot of fruit and vegetables

fruits and veggies

Fruit contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber so eat apples, berries, grapes, plums and peaches as much as you can. At DehydratorSpot.com, a website specialized in food dehydration equipment and related offers a lot of delicious recipes that you can follow to prepare your fruit to be insulin-resistance friendly. Make sure you check it out to find the best recipe for your needs. Do avoid fruit juices (unless 100% natural, without additions and sugars) as they have a lot of artificial sugar.

Vegetables are rich in fiber but low in calories which is exactly what insulin-resistance patients need. Avoid any canned vegetables at all costs, as they contain sodium that easily disrupts the blog sugar level. Peppers, spinach, collards and tomatoes should be included in your meals regularly, as they are fresh, delicious and versatile but not harmful to your body in any way.

Processed food is a big no

White bread, pasta or any other meal that contains saturated fat is a deadly one for your pancreas if you are fighting with the blood sugar. Any type of processed food, especially deep-fried is the last meal you should eat, as it is not healthy. This type of food hits extremely the pancreas, making it to produce more insulin to level up the blood sugar. The canned food is also bad as it is processed, rather than the raw/natural.

Weight loss and exercise

weightloss and fitness

Obesity is one of the worst problems of the 21st century and therefore you must keep your weight at the optimum level. The simple formula, for a start, is: eat fewer calories than you burn. To lose weight, you need to change your diet and avoid certain types of food. For example, a simple rule and is not to eat any kind of flour after 6 PM. With the diet comes regular exercising that must be part of your day. Set realistic goals, rather than those that should give more results in theory. Increase your exercise program according to your body and the state, as you need to take care of your body.

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