Why should you use e-cigarettes instead of regular one?


E-cigarettes have become very popular in the last couple of years, first of all, they are cheap, they don’t have smell and people don’t inhale the same amount of nicotine and tar, like with traditional cigarettes. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of controversy around them, and many companies accuse them of being more harmful than regular cigarettes. When e-cigarettes first appeared, they caused a lot of hype because they were very affordable and many people saw a chance to quit the real cigarettes. So, here are some reasons why should you try e-cigarettes.

They are more affordable

e cigarettWhen you compare the prices between traditional and e-cigarettes, you will see that e-cigarettes are way too accessible. Depending on a model you choose, the initial investment can be costly, but it will pay off. No longer you have to waste your money on cigarettes every day; now you can just buy the bottle of oil that can last you for seven days. Unfortunately, many people give up e-cigarettes because they don’t provide a genuine feeling. But if you are determined to quit real cigarettes, then you need to be persistent, and you will need just a couple of days to get accustomed.

You will avoid the smell

Considering that e-cigarettes don’t have any scent, you can smoke them as much as you want, without having to take a shower every hour.  This is a massive advantage of e-cigarettes, and we all know how traditional cigarettes can be smelly, especially if you are going to some party, or having some gathering with your friends. This is a perfect way to get rid of the smell and try a healthier version. Also, when you are smoking e-cigarettes, you aren’t affecting other people with your habit.

E-cigarettes are healthier

When we are talking about cigarettes, then this is a sensitive topic. So, let’s be real, cigarettes are harmful to your health, regardless of the type. But, with e-cigarettes, you are inhaling less tar and nicotine, which is at least something, mainly because you can control the levels and over the time decrease the amount. Many hardcore smokers are accustomed to holding the cigarette all the time, and this habit is what prevents them from quitting. But, with e-cigarettes, you can start with the highest dose and slowly decrease the amount of nicotine, until you reach 0% of nicotine. In this case, you will be only simulating the smoking, and inhaling the vapor without nicotine.

You can smoke them in closed space

We are all aware of a smoking ban in many establishments in buildings, but this rule doesn’t apply to e-cigarettes since they aren’t releasing the real smoke. This is very convenient for people are addicted to smoking and can’t spend a couple of hours without cigarettes. So, if you have decided to quit real cigarettes, head to the vape store and select one model for you.

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