What Are 3 The Most Common Triggers Of Anxiety?


As we all live different and much faster lives that our ancestors used to live, we are hit by thousands of problems every day, and some of these can be disastrous to our brain, especially for those that have a genetic compliance with anxiety. We all have to think positively, as it is the first step in fighting against stress and anxiety, as mentioned by Joanne Rounds in one of her books about health. Still, the most important thing to do in the treatment of this condition is identifying the reasons behind this illness. Let’s see what are the common reasons that trigger our anxiety and then we will say a few words about the treatment.

Environmental influence

AnxietyBefore we say anything, let’s conclude that we are not the same – some people react differently to different things. That leads us to the first biggest reason of anxiety – a factor from the outside. Stress is everywhere, and it can happen that you accumulate stress from a personal relationship, school or even financial problems, which are pretty common these days. Besides these social factors, anxiety can also be triggered due to low level of oxygen from the air you are breathing – this often cases with high-altitude areas.

Medical conditions

In case you are taking a medicine to treat an illness, you have to be aware of the fact that some drugs could produce side effects or even lower the level of the certain hormones in your body that are related to the mood. Also, stress from the treatment of a certain condition can trigger anxiety, especially if the condition caused the adjustment of your lifestyle (pain, restricted movement etc.). The anxiety disorder can easily step in in cases like these.

Disturbed chemistry in your brain

Mood disorders and the use of illegal drugs can greatly influence your brain chemistry. Once the chemistry is disturbed and not balanced, the effects of anxiety are starting to show, as your brain is not used to changes. Neurologists said that any mood change (including this illness) disrupts the chemistry, hormones and electrical signals in your brain and it almost impossible to bring everything back in the normal mode, as it was used to be. The chemistry in the brain is not something that should be taken just as “a chemistry” as it regulates a great number of processes in our brains.

How to diagnose and treat the illness?

Professionals who studied mental health can examine you and find out if you are suffering from the GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) by conducting several laboratory tests, a physical examination and simple talk with a patient. In order to receive the GAD diagnosis, you must have:

–    Had experienced undescribed worry and anxiety about something

–    Had difficulties with controlling your worry

–    Had difficulties with concentration

–    Had muscle tension

–    Had difficulty with sleeping

–    Had experienced fatigue

The best way to treat this illness is to make an appointment with a certified and experienced mental health professional who will give you clear instructions. Sometimes the recovery process takes a lot of time, but the most important thing is that you can treat this condition, on the contrary what some people say. The first thing you can do is to start thinking more positively, as you will understand that everything is in your head.

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