What causes nerve pain?

The list of possible causes for nerve pain is extensive. Some of the things from the list cause the nerve pain in a direct matter, while others do it indirectly. If you want a detailed Nerve Pain Guide, then you should refer to medical books. They contain detailed explanations of all conditions that can cause nerve damage and that make them the best source of info.

However, if you don’t have time to study medical books, then you can check this article as it contains some basic info regarding the causes of the nerve pain.

What kind of things can cause nerve pain?

Diabetes is one of those things people fail to connect with nerve pain as there isn’t any apparent connection between these two things. But, in fact, diabetes is one of many things that can result in nerve pain without permanently damaging said nerves. This kind of correlation is found in inflammations and other similar medical symptoms.

You can also experience nerve pain thanks to trauma. Now there are two different ways in which injury can cause it. The first one is the permanent damage to nerves that can be a result of the injury. This can be problematic as the nerve system is quite complicated. The other form of nerve pain that comes as a result of trauma is temporary issues where the trauma forced tissue against a nerve.

Another thing to consider is the medications you might be used to treat other medical conditions. Some of them can cause nerve pain. This is why you should consult a doctor before you start taking medication. This is especially true for those that have HIV, as some drugs for it will cause nerve pain as a side effect. B6 and isoniazid are also known to create this type of pain.

Other medical conditions that may affect nerves

Various toxins can have adverse effects on nerves. This includes alcohol and tobacco as well. Excessive use of said things causes devastating damage to all parts of the body, including nerves. This is why many alcoholics feel numbness of the nerves at one point and excruciating pain at another location.

Some forms of cancer can also affect nerves. Both myeloma and lymphoma can damage nerves and lead to constant pain. The only way to reduce the pain is to use drugs that have severe side effects and to undergo the chemotherapy.

However, this is one of those things where you have to choose one of two evils. One of the many side effects of chemotherapy is nerve pain which is similar to that caused by said cancer types.

A plethora of other things will have adverse effects on nerves that will lead to pain or numbness of nerves. One of them is the deficiency of the vitamin B12. The majority of people who experience nerve pain due to this cause are vegans. This vitamin comes from animal-based foods, and thus they don’t get enough of the same. The body doesn’t store it for a long time which makes supplements a costly alternative, and they also cause other side effects.

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